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Our service is human, made by people for people. We are on your side because we put ourselves in your shoes.

Bank is part of The Daxsen Corp. Daxsen Corp. has an important capillarity as it is present in different industries with its more than 100 brands. Among this group are major brands in the real estate, concierge, music, film, software and entertainment industries.


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My Car

- Car Purchase
- Identify car model by a photo taken by the user
- Advice (terms, installments)

My Cover

- Insure your vehicule by entering the data in the app
- Claims mangament by a videocall (car, damage to appliances)

My Business

- Useful information
- Budget - invoicing
- VAT recovery
- Promotions to bank customers

My Home

- Home purchases
- Purchase of appliances (brand & model recognition through a photo)
- Mortgage

My Kids

- Bank cards exclusively for teens
- Purchase notifications
- Transactions
- Parent Control

My Art

- For all types of artists
- Access credits based on royalties from the label or atist
- Automated processes
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Reinventing the relationship between people and money

Reinventing the relationship between people and money

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