The Daxsen business group announced that it will open the first bank with mainly digital operations in Ecuador. Its name will be Daxsen Bank and will be supported by the investment management firm Daxsen Capital.

The firm with headquarters in New York (United States) and Guayaquil (Ecuador) intends this project to revolutionize a local bank, which due to its minimal capacity to reduce high operating costs, has caused the closure of 169 agencies during the last 4 years.

For this reason, Daxsen, which has experience in the disruption of various technological and digital sectors, will launch its neobank with the “New Bank” model, whose methodology has been adopted by the Brazilian open capital company Nubank, which is considered the largest digital bank in the world outside Asia and the largest techno-financial company in Latin America.

With this model, Daxsen aims to double the profitability of domestic and international banking in the next 2 years, innovating the transaction service by opening accounts at no cost and improving banking operations through the management of low-risk online products and services, such as promissory notes, salary advances, and confirming.

This new digital bank proposes banking operations with few face-to-face branches, a credit factory that operates around the clock with state-of-the-art technology, and a strong increase in transactional products. The objective is to generate products and services for international investors and achieve low-cost fundraising through the massification of customers.

Within its product portfolio, Daxsen Bank will offer a payment button that will allow paying for products or services of large amounts, with different authorization models and securities, on multiple websites or apps using funds available in any bank account, without needing a card.

In addition, it will introduce a debit card, a credit card, and a merchant card, where any brand will be able to have its credit card issued by a financial institution. These products will be available with the card printing service at the point of sale.

On the other hand, the new bank will provide several services such as self-service kiosks, auxiliary and CNB counters, a mobile wallet, an app for consultations and transactions, an ATM network, and third-party collections so that its customers can pay for services in the bank’s different channels.

Daxsen Bank will be characterized by technological innovations and therefore will also implement a system of OTPs or one-time passwords via email, SMS and app to provide a second authentication factor in critical transactions.

Likewise, the entity will develop a fraud and money laundering prevention system, monitoring all the bank’s terminals and using the SWIFT system to optimize international transactions.

The development of the project will begin in 2022 and will have two phases. The first will take place in its first year of operation and will focus on attracting local clients and promoting its disruptive products.

The second phase will begin in the second year of operation and will be aimed at expansion, as Daxsen seeks to generate correspondents in different countries, acquire portfolios from other financial institutions, and expand the transactional network to provide services to third-party institutions.

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